Funkiness and Malaise


When last I posted, I was plagued with a pink laptop display among other things. The display issue has since been resolved thanks to an ASUS update that mysteriously appeared one day. This after I had checked numerous times for updates that might resolve the problems. Windows and its quirks remain inscrutable, I guess.

Anyway, once the display issue was resolved, I found myself in something of a creative funk. I had ideas for stuff but seemed to be lacking the will to carry anything through to execution. Malaise is the word to describe my frame of mind. So I have spent time reading and watching TV. Sounds productive, doesn’t it? But I guess sometimes we simply need to recharge for reasons we don’t always understand.

I am, however, ready to get back to creative pursuits. I have a new self-portrait post mapped out and will be working on that tomorrow along with some new fiction. I’ll be back with you all in earnest tomorrow. And I’m looking forward to getting caught up here!

BTW, as a side note, if you have Netflix and haven’t watched the series Stranger Things, I highly recommend it. Echos of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King galore.


Mimi says, “Get off your butt and get creative, Mom!”


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