Out There


Some days
I think they are right, the ones
who fear the world outside,
taking aim at
all things different.
Perhaps there is an order that must be
Perhaps there is an absolute
of things where some don’t fit,
like pieces found in the wrong puzzle box.
Perhaps there is.

Some days
I think they are right, the ones
who claim the world outside,
blazing a path
wrought by power.
Perhaps there is an inevitable chaos
that must be feared
and obeyed.
Perhaps an absolute
of things where no one fits,
all swept away in the wake of destructive
Perhaps there is.

Today perhaps we’ll walk a different walk,
turn left
instead of right.
Perhaps we’ll find an unexpected
a pink toy kite afloat in a stream,
a splatter of fresh blue paint
on a wall,
a speckled egg fallen from some nest
above and still intact.
Today perhaps we will connect to the mess
out there
and make it shine.
Perhaps we will.

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