Butterflies and Insects

Among my favorite subjects are butterflies and assorted insects and spiders. Viewing these creatures through the lens has given me a new respect for the complexity of their lives. And in the case of spiders, has allowed me to overcome the fear of my younger years. I typically use a zoom lens to catch the butterflies and my kit lens with an 11 mm extension tube for some of the other insects. I’m a photographer of opportunity who likes to stroll about to see whatever I can see. So I tend to avoid the tripod or sitting in one place waiting for something to happen.

The images in this group have all been manipulated in various ways. Some with only a texture applied, some more heavily manipulated.

Please visit my Flickr photostream if you would like to see more.

At Rest – Dragonfly resting on a fence at the park

At Rest

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A Brief Report on Wildlife in Chicago



A female coyote, full-grown, was captured at a service station
on Division Street and taken to the Animal Care Facility on
Western Avenue.

A man up north keeps seven buffalo in an enclosure next to his
lumberyard. They gather in a woolly mass by the highway and
watch cars. Buffalo are also kept in a park at the local center
for atomic research.

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Memorial Day 2016

Much to think about for tomorrow’s Memorial Day holiday thanks to my friend, Rob Goldstein.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein Memorial to Reuben Chip Santos

“Congress should stop treating veterans like they’re asking for a hand out when it comes to the benefits they were promised, and they should realize that, were it not for these veterans, there would be nothing to hand out.” —Nick Lampson

Art by Rob Goldstein Veteran’s Suicide

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Art by Rob Goldstein I was Asked to Paint my Truth

Caring for veterans shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It should an American one. Jennifer Granholm

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“I don’t belong here.” This is what I say as Jack pours ketchup on his fries. He gives me a look and picks up his beer. “I can’t get out,” I say. “Really, I can’t . I don’t know how.”

Jack is not a handsome guy. He’s about my age, 50 or so, but more wrinkled. Creases abound on his round face, becoming deeper when he concentrates or when he is annoyed. He is annoyed now.

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Birds, Birds, Birds

My father was a bird lover who always had bird feeders and nest boxes in the backyard. He loved watching them. His love for birds is something I share now. I enjoy going out to look for birds with my camera and when I do, I always wish my dad was still here to enjoy it with me. Here is a selection of bird photo art I have created in recent years. I’ll share some of my straight out of the camera bird shots in another post at some point in the future.

Florida has many wonderful places to photograph birds. Most of these were captured at Ward Park here in Winter Park, FL where I’m lucky enough to walk with Mimi dog every day.

Please visit my Flickr photostream if you would like to see more.

Barred Owl – Ward Park


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The She in Me

People who are familiar with my photography know that I don’t often photograph people. But as an artist, I have often felt the need to express the feminine/feminist/pagan/passionate side of myself — the she in me. This set of photo art pieces was created from my own photographs including mannequins and masks among other things. In some cases, I have also layered public domain images from Wikimedia Commons with my own photos.

You can see more of my work in my Flickr photostream.

Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams

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