Butterflies and Insects

Among my favorite subjects are butterflies and assorted insects and spiders. Viewing these creatures through the lens has given me a new respect for the complexity of their lives. And in the case of spiders, has allowed me to overcome the fear of my younger years. I typically use a zoom lens to catch the butterflies and my kit lens with an 11 mm extension tube for some of the other insects. I’m a photographer of opportunity who likes to stroll about to see whatever I can see. So I tend to avoid the tripod or sitting in one place waiting for something to happen.

The images in this group have all been manipulated in various ways. Some with only a texture applied, some more heavily manipulated.

Please visit my Flickr photostream if you would like to see more.

At Rest – Dragonfly resting on a fence at the park

At Rest

Early Morning Weaver – Triangular Orb Weaver, a very tiny spider.

Early Morning Weaver

In the Realm of the Sun – Monarch butterfly abstraction.

In the Realm of the Sun

It Came From the Shadows – Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, large and slow.

It Came From the Shadows

June Bug! – Large scarab beetle in a tree.

June Bug!

Left Behind – The discarded shell of a dragonfly nymph.

Left Behind

Outside Looking In – A very tiny Red-waisted Florella moth on the outside of my glass door.

Outside Looking In

The Spider and the Ant Triptych – Poor ant…

The Ant and the Spider Triptych

Urban Butterfly – Cloudless Sulphur butterfly in my sister’s yard.

Urban Butterfly

Watching Me – Gulf Fritillary butterfly giving me the eye.

Watching Me

6 thoughts on “Butterflies and Insects

  1. Beautiful! I once read that half of Monarch butterflies do make it through the long journey of migration, depending on when they were born. So sad for such a beautiful creature.

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    1. Thanks! We are fortunate to have a good population of Monarchs here in Central Florida along with many other species. And I have a friend in Virginia who has been successful in cultivating native milkweed for the Monarchs to lay their eggs in. They are indeed beautiful!

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