Small World

Insects and other small critters are among my favorite things to photograph. I looked out the door the other morning and spied an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper on my front stoop. Reviewing the photos I took of it inspired me to share some of my other favorite shots of those who are part of the small world.

You can find more of my photography in my Flickr photostream.

Ant tending what I believe is an aphid farm. Yes, some ants do farm aphids as a ready source of food.Ant Tending Aphids

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Funkiness and Malaise


When last I posted, I was plagued with a pink laptop display among other things. The display issue has since been resolved thanks to an ASUS update that mysteriously appeared one day. This after I had checked numerous times for updates that might resolve the problems. Windows and its quirks remain inscrutable, I guess.

Anyway, once the display issue was resolved, I found myself in something of a creative funk. I had ideas for stuff but seemed to be lacking the will to carry anything through to execution. Malaise is the word to describe my frame of mind. So I have spent time reading and watching TV. Sounds productive, doesn’t it? But I guess sometimes we simply need to recharge for reasons we don’t always understand.

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Lightning, Pink and the Disruption of Routine


Never, as they say, ask what else could go wrong. We had a thunderstorm¬† roll through here on Friday and, as I was standing in the kitchen, there was a clap of thunder so loud that I literally jumped about a foot. No power outage but I quickly realized that my CenturyLink modem had been fried. So no internet connection or TV. My neighbor stopped by a bit later to tell me that he had seen the lightning strike Mimi’s big hole in the backyard. (Mimi has since taken the fifth when questioned about said hole.) Anyway, by the time the CenturyLink tech arrived on Saturday, I had identified three lightning casualties: the modem, the cable box connected to the bedroom TV and an older model Roku player connected to the bedroom TV. The first two were replaced by the tech. A replacement for the Roku player should be here in a couple of days. All good. Right?

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