A Brief Report on Wildlife in Chicago



A female coyote, full-grown, was captured at a service station
on Division Street and taken to the Animal Care Facility on
Western Avenue.

A man up north keeps seven buffalo in an enclosure next to his
lumberyard. They gather in a woolly mass by the highway and
watch cars. Buffalo are also kept in a park at the local center
for atomic research.

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The Nature of Nature: Invasion!

My neighbor, Lee, came to my front door one afternoon.  He was holding out his hand for me to see something. The something turned out to be a IMG_7608adj_resizevery well preserved Cuban tree frog skeleton. Take the time to do a little research on the Cuban tree frog and you will discover that it is one of Florida’s many invasive species. You will also discover that Florida’s wildlife experts recommend euthanizing these frogs when they have been properly identified. Why? Because the Cuban tree frog is classified as an invasive, exotic species that represents a danger to native fauna.   While I was photographing this cool little skeleton, I got to thinking about what we mean when we talk about invasive vs. native species.   Turns out it’s not exactly a crystal clear distinction. Continue reading “The Nature of Nature: Invasion!”