Closing Up

Closing Up

You’ve come back
to the rooms of our house
where speech died
and a breathing stone filled our bed.

You leave a trail of crumbs
to lead me to you,
thinking, perhaps, that I will follow
like a hen
grateful for food,
for a lighted place to grow old.

But I have closed and shuttered myself.
I will keep this darkness and chill,
feel my way like the blind
and harden.

© 2016 Karen Kleis –  All Rights Reserved

You are free to reblog or share a link to this poem.  You are not free to copy or otherwise reprint this poem without my explicit permission.  Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Closing Up

  1. I kind of like this one a lot, but it seems like something very personal to you and not so much about society or the greater public in general. I like it because I really think it clearly describes the attitudes of many in America. Nicely done.

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    1. Thanks! I don’t always write about topics that are applicable to society or the public in general. Poetry in particular has always made room for both the personal and the larger points of view. Though I think that is true for fiction and essays as well. And, of course, each reader will extrapolate meaning as it relates to his or her own life experience. In any case, glad you liked it!


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