Surreal Dreamworlds

I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk lately, not getting anything to come together the way I want it to. I’m a slow writer under the best of circumstances. But it still seems like sometimes writing is a fight and sometimes it flows. Hopefully the flow will be back soon. In the meantime, here are a few photo art pieces with a surreal aspect. Perhaps one of these will tell me a new story.



Between Dreams and Awakening

Between Dreams and Awakening_resize

History Lessons

History Lessons

I Dream of Escape

I Dream of Escape _resize

Strange Morning

Strange Morning_resize

The Webs We Weave

The Webs We Weave_resize

Then We Came to the End of the Road

Then We Came to the End_resize

Something Wicked This Way Comes


19 thoughts on “Surreal Dreamworlds

  1. Your photos are always enchanting Karen. While scrolling the artwork down the page, I was thinking about the writers block. I find the block is sometimes because we just don’t want to go there, somewhere, mundane or apart from such, but there… where it is hidden under a crusade for creativity. Sometimes, if it can help you here, and I am serious, write what you are not suppose to write about. It does help to unplug everything else.

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  2. My biggest problem with writing is just as I’m falling asleep I’ll thing of something brilliant, but be too tired to do anything about. Then I wake up in the morning and just stare at the blank page waiting for my “brilliance” to re-emerge. I agree with what Tammy says about writer’s block. It will come.

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