A Brief Report on Wildlife in Chicago



A female coyote, full-grown, was captured at a service station
on Division Street and taken to the Animal Care Facility on
Western Avenue.

A man up north keeps seven buffalo in an enclosure next to his
lumberyard. They gather in a woolly mass by the highway and
watch cars. Buffalo are also kept in a park at the local center
for atomic research.

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Book Tales: Poetry Remembered

When I was a child, there was a bookshelf in our living room and on that shelf lived a copy of Edward Fitzgerald’s translation of The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayam.  I don’t remember when I first delved into this book.  I know I was still in grade school and I do remember that my initial attraction was to the lovely, colorful illustrations that accompanied the text.  It was a handsome book indeed — hardbound with its own slipcase, pages smooth to the touch, text printed in some kind of fancy font that was almost as pretty as the pictures.  Continue reading “Book Tales: Poetry Remembered”